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Aziath Story - The Kingdom of Peria - The Bowmen Game

Kingdom of Peria is one of the wonderful and peaceful places. Peria  has got one of the strongest armies in the world. But their whole  strength lies in their bowmen, known for their accurate and stunning  shooting skills. The  kingdom is surrounded by thick woods and denser forests. The forest is  filled with most cruel race of cannibals and half men. The race is  locally called as Gwaunnas. Gwaunnas gradually got stronger and started attacking the civilians of Peria. It has become really a difficult task for the king to handle the situation and sent the army to call an end to the notorious race in woods. A huge battle is fought between the army of Peria and the Gwaunnas that led to the huge loss of Perians. The strongest part of the army, Bowmen are not ready to give up the victory to Gwaunnas. You are the leader of the bowmen troop and it is your job to assassin the cruel Gwaunnas and rest your kingdom back to peace.

Kingdom has a young and dynamic army chief called Aziath, who already has got plans take revenge on the Gwaunnans and just waiting for the king's approval. But he has got the other way of solving the problem. He assured the king that he can alone handle the situation and don't want to waste the army lives for this cruel creatures.
Aziath is the youngest of all the bowmen squad and was always under estimated by the royal squad. But with his unbelievable war strategies he is left alive and able to crack in to the wastelands of Peria where the Gwaunnas often enter in to the kingdom. Although he is left alive he was not communicated with the mission in detail from the leader. He needs to wander along the forest along and collect basic arrows and few gold to trade. A message is conveyed from his team mate before dieing that to proceed west along with minimum weapons and keep touching all the rocks to explore further objectives in the mission.

Wastelands of Peria :-

Aziath moves forward as the directions and suddenly get attacked by the Gwaunnas patroling squad hidden in the west. He kills all of them that enhances his confidence and reputation. He collects few more arrows and keep on touching the rocks on the westen side of wastelands. After touching a huge mystic rock a philosopher of Peria appears saying he will guide him through his mission all he need to do is to collect the 4 jewels of great god of Hades that will cool him and the race of Gwaunnas will automatically devastated. Till this achievement is not fulfilled the Gwaunnas spawn continuously and the killing is not the solution. The Aziath asks it is impossible for him to handle the mission alone and the old philosopher says the mission is supposed to be carried by an individual of his race so it is supposed to be done by him.(Checkpoint 1 ends)
Wastelands of Peria is full of rocky mountains on the green grassy ground. Old man voice in back ground with text displayed now move forward north for a 30 mile and be care ful with the Gwaunnan Wolves they are dark skinned and known for the cruel hunting. If you can not even kill them can not proceed further in the wastelands. The killing of the wolves will send a warning message to the Gwaunna race and will add to your reputation. By crossing this  part of the Wastelands will make you cross a checkpoint in this dense forest. At least 10 wolves from all the sides starts attacking the Aziath  once he 20 Miles towards North as the old man said. The attack of the wolves left Aziath losing energy and few arrows. It is time for him to gain some health and add resources. Necromancer appears before the Aziath and feels sorry for the pain he is going through. "You have just faced the pets  of Gwaunnas, It is long way to go for you Aziath. You really need better energy and need to carry more arrows if you want to move forward in this battle for survival. Follow me!!!" (End of Check Point 2)
The Necromancer runs ahead of Aziath and Aziath needs to catch his speed eventhough with his least energy. Necromancer is really  speed in his walk and the Aziath needs to pull up all his energy which otherwise he may lose the direction to proceed. After 10 mile of journey Necromancer stood still and said to Aziath "I heard from my son that this place is full of food but I never experienced to taste it, anyways its time for you to get reenergize. And I want you to do me a favor. Please collect the Blue ruby that  I gifted to my son he lost it some where here. It adds to your respect in my mind."
Aziath moves ahead and start killing  the small creatures in the area and collect fruits from trees over there. To get the full energy back from what he lost he needs to have all food available in the area. (A map need to be showed on how much food still left unutilized). Meanwhile Aziath also left with a quest to collect the blue ruby that is left somewhere. Aziath finds an abondoned hut in the forest that is locked. He needs to find the key somewhere to open it. The keys are left at a corner of the land  and hanging to a branch. Aziath collects the keys and moves to the abondoned hut. Hut is filled with many bowls and bottles few broken. He founds a ruby being rested in the house and finds it needs to be killed. It is a mystic viper and once it is dead the blue ruby appears to Aziath. Immediately after collecting the blue ruby the old Necromancer appears sitting in the hut before Aziath.

"Congratulations on your achievement my dear friend. Yes you really enhanced my respect towards you. Thanks for bringing my old memories back to me." said Necromancer. "May I know what really happened to your son and where is he?" Questioned Aziath.  "You just gained few respect and that doesnt mean that you are honest enough. You  have a long way to proceed and show your heroism to gain it. As of now what all I can say is keep moving to the east for 10 miles. It is the birthplace for the Dual dinos. They are the wild pets of Gwaunnas and you can not even kill one Gwaunna with out completely finishing this dangerous race of dinos. Be careful with them as they can spit the fire."
Aziath after travelling 10 Miles towards east gets attacked by the dual dinos.  Dual dinos are highly dangerous and they are accompanied by wolves as well. Aziath is supposed to assasin all the dinos and wolves to get him self survive the battle.(End of checkpoin3)
After the battle the Necromancer re appears and guides him to move ahead to east and gather the weapons for the battle. He sets a time of 30 seconds and with in which he needs to collect all the weapons which otherwise they gets disappear.
"Good job Aziath to move ahead you need to cross across a mystic forest called the "Woods of Wadiar" Be careful as you cross it as the forest is filled with traps. Travel 50 Miles towards North to across the woods."  Aziath crosses the woods and gains all major treasure of Gwaunnas by which he gains access to purchase new and more powerful arrows. After crossing the woods Aziath gets attacked by "Dwarwaunnas" Dwarwaunnas are small in size but moves with high speeds and attacks with sudden force. Aziath needs to kill all the Dwarwaunnas that are spread in the extent of 100 miles to cross the Wastelands.

Land of White Reigns :-

Icemen lead the Land of White Reigns and they are well known for their speed and mystic attacks. Although these race are not part of Gwaunnas they are the firm supporters of Gwaunna race. A total 100 mile of the land of being occupied by the Icemen and they are also equipped with a huge wealth and treasure. Aziath can make it out that he is supposed to acquire all the best weapons possible from the shop to move ahead in this land. Flying dragons are also the friendly pets for Icemen and they can not get controlled if the Icemen are being attacked. Aziath is supposed to kill and be careful with these Flying dragons to survive.

After this battle of survival with Icemen and Flying dragons and finally moving ahead Aziath  needs a direction of which way to proceed. He calls Necromancer for help and guide me through the path ahead. Aziath searches for any hint or clue to move ahead and  he finds the stick of Necromancer somewhere near the snowy mountains. Once he gets hold of the the  stick a voice from the stick says that the Necromancer is being attacked by the Gwaunnas for assisting you, the Aziath and its now your responsibility to save him from these cruel creatures. To move ahead and fight with the enemies he needs to gain more resources. Move 50 Miles towards north and acquire all the resources to defeat the notorious race that is ahead.
Aziath is supposed to kill all the Flying dragons along with  collecting the resources and upgrade himself in his 50 miles of journey.  After Aziath collecting all available and necessary resources in his journey of 50 miles he gets attacked by a group of Red Cyclopes.

Perian Coast:-

Perian coast is lined up with deserted village full of huts and houses. Aziaath is left with an important task of finding the Necromancer which otherwise he can not move ahead and accomplish the mission. The Necromancer stick has echoed that the Gwaunnas has hidden the Necromancer some where near the coast and forcing him to give his mystic powers to them. Aziath has got a limited time and need to find the Necromancer  and save him from the troop before he loses  to them. Aziath move around and finds a locked door. He assumes it  needs to be opened and finds for the tool to open it.
Aziath is being attacked by various gwaunnas in hi search for the key. He breaks different pots and finally finds the key in a hidden pot. He collects it and runs towards the  locked door. He finds various Cyclops along with Necromancer and kills all of them to safeguard the Necromancer.

Necromancer is seriously injured by the gwaunnas and he asks to get the medical liquid jar that they have hidden in a hut somewhere in the north which otherwise he may lose his life as he was tortured by the gwaunnas. Aziath moves towards North and gets attacked by another friendly tribe of gwaunnas. He finally gets the Medicine and gives it to Necromancer.

Necromancer regains the energy and says Aziath to be hurry up and he needs to complete the mission by night. Which otherwise all the dead gwaunnas gains their rebirth and attacks him all at once. He advises Aziath to move 50 miles towards west and reach the castle of dungeon where he is supposed to collect the 4th and last piece of the jewel and   gift to the goddess to destroy the rebirths of gwaunnan race. He also says the 50 mile that is before him is more crucial in the mission as he is supposed  to collect few precious powers to  accomplish the mission successfully.

The Dark Woods :-

Finally Aziath has recieved the very source point where the all Gwaunnas 
racce is being evolved from. All he has left is to finish up the job now. So 
Aziath is supposed to kill all the 75 Gwaunnas to complete the level and 
make his motherland proud of having him. 

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